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KazSofT was founded in 1999 by Hasan Yasar Kazmi (An award wining IT professional, Software Engineer, Trainer and Occult Scientist), we are a registered Software Development company, a research and educational center with state of the art technology and professionals to provide you the best possible services.

KazSoft Offers:


Takseer e Jafar

Takseer Softwarebox1 209x300 WelcomeTakseer e Jafar, is a tool that provides easy to use options for creating different types of Takseer. Takseer is a process of Ilm e Jafar used in both Akhbar and Asaar. Weather you are creating a Taweez doing a Takhseer or trying to conclude answer from a Musthesila e Jafar, this tool will help. Now you can do calculations of hours or days in seconds. Beside doing Takseer it can also be used to calculate sum ( Jamal ) of the Asas ( Question / Statement ) or of complete Takseer.

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Taskheer e Haroof e Sawamat

Taskheer Softwarebox 209x300 WelcomeTaskheer e Haroof e Sawamat is an Ilm e Jafar Software that is used for creating Bandish Taweez. Its based on Haroof e Sawamat ( Arabic Letters Without Dots ). Using this software anyone can easily do Bandish of anyone ( Only if its for a Halal and Jaiz [ Just ] purpose ).

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Jafar e Jame Explorer

Jafar Jame Softwarebox 209x300 WelcomeJafar e Jame Explorer is a tool capable of creating The Book of Jafar e Jame from any standard or custom Abjad. Kitab (Book) of Jafar e Jame is used in Ilm e Jafar Akhbar and Asaar. Whether you are creating a Taweez with Jafar e Jame or trying to solve a Mustehsila e Jafar, this tool will help. Now you can do calculations of hours or days in seconds.

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