Akhraj e Dushman

Akhraj e Dushman [ اخراج دشمن ] 1.0.0
Released: 28-Apr-2017

Akhraj e Dushman [ اخراج دشمن ]  is an Ilm e Jafar tool that provides easy to use functions for creating Taweez based on the procedure given by Mr Kash Al Barni [ کاش البرنی ] in his book Ramooz Ul Jafar [روموز الجفر], Amal No 52. This Taweez is ۔made for Akhraj e Dushman or for expelling your enemy form his place/area. This can only be used for a Just and Halal purpose otherwise amil will face extreme and harsh consequences.

 You only need to input name of Talib (اسم طالب), his/her Mothers Name  (اسم والدھ ) and the software will generate Naqsh/Talasim for you . The output can be exported easily from the software.

System Requirements


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Screen Shots:

KazSoft Akhraj e Dushman Naqsh Akhraj e Dushman  

Akhraj e Dushman has following options:

  • Calculate Taweez or Talasim including Azeemat .
  • Generate blank printable Taweez with Bayoot or completely filled Naqsh.
  • Format Naqsh, including Width, Height, Font Sizes, Font Style and border thickness.
  • Add Open/Close borders around the Naqsh and Azeemat.
  • Save Taweez in PNG, JPG, TIFF and other formats.
  • Save/Add/Manage Client names for future usage.
  • Export calculations as image.
  • Haroof Equivalent Manager.
  • Non Abjad Scanner.
  • Requires no expert knowledge of Ilm-e-Jafar to create Taweez and anyone can use it.

Help and Tutorials:


The Cost of Akhraj e Dushman is 300 PKR or 3 USD.

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