By The Grace Of The Almighty Allah and Prayers of Masomeen AS, Several National level awards were given to Hasan Yasar Kazmi for his exceptional work.


Dr AQ Khan All Pakistan Software CompetitionQuranic and IslamicBrowser1st2001
IIU All Pakistan Software CompetitionPak Mapper1st2001
NLA All Pakistan First Urdu Software CompetitionWeb Based Dynamic Urdu Modules2nd2001
Bahria All Pakistan Software CompetitionQuranic and Islamic Browser1st2000
Hamdard University Islamabad Poetry CompititionUrdu Poetry1st2000
SOFTEC All Pakistan Software CompetitionPakMapperparticipated2000
PROCOM All Pakistan Software CompetitionWeb Based Urdu Text Editor Without Fontsparticipated2000
PMA Kakul Best Photographer1st1992
PMA Kakul Outdoor Photography1st1992
PMA Kakul Best Photographer1st1993