KazSoft Offers Computer Training Courses in a variety of fields, below is the list of courses we offer.

Course List

Course TitleDurationFee (PKR)Description
Computer Course (ITPB)1 Month / 2 Months5000MS Office, Internet, Windows Installation, Hardware, Typing.
Internet Usage3 Days2000Intro to net , Browse, Search, Email, Chat
MS Word 1 Week(s)1400Word Processing Using Microsoft Word.
MS PowerPoint1 Week(s)1400
MS Excel1 Week(s)1400
MS Access2 Week(s)5000Database Design and Development using MS Access
Windows Installation1 Days500Installation of Windows XP or above
Computer Hardware3 Days2000Computer Hardware Fundamentals
Web n Graphics1 Month / 2 Months7500HTML, Adobe DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, JavaScript.
Graphic Design 2 Week(s)5000Photoshop n Corel Draw
3D Graphics2 Week(s)75003DS Max Modeling and Animation.
Fireworks1 Week(s)3000Adobe Fireworks
HTML1 Week(s)3000Adobe DreamWeaver, with HTML
Photoshop1 Week(s)3000Adobe Photoshop
Corel Draw1 Week(s)3000Corel Draw
Flash2 Week(s)5000Adobe Flash with Action Script Programming
JavaScript 2 Week(s)5000JavaScript Programming
PHP1 Month / 2 Months7500PHP Basics
AutoCad1 Month / 2 Months7500AutoCad 2D and 3D
Multimedia Programming1 Month / 2 Months7500Adobe Director and Lingo Programming for games, web and CDs
Database Development2 Week(s)5000Database Design and MS Access
Office Secretary1 Month / 2 Months7500Business Communication, Office Management Letter Drafting, MS Office. Telephone Manners. Internet Usage and Email.
Freelancing On The web1 Days1000How to setup Freelance IT business on web and earn money at home