Inheritance of luck

By | June 25, 2015

In practical life we find a very few persons who really are self-made, means their fathers and forefathers were humble people but due to their luck or hard-work they succeeded in worldly life.

Usually a son of a beggar will become a beggar and son of a cleaner will be a cleaner, their conditions may improve with the passage of time and generations. If the father doesn’t have resources for providing basic necessities and essentials of life like, education or medication the chances are that his children may never be able to attain a better place in this world, they will be forced to live a humble and meager life, if they improve a bit, their next generation may be better than them, otherwise their hard-ships will be inherited through generations and this cycle will go on and on.

It clearly means that luck is inherited or at least a part of it, the initial boost of life which is essential for the future life is provided by the parents. Son of a lucky man will most likely be lucky and son of an unlucky man will be such, unless a change occurs.

In our life we also observe that after getting married or after the birth of a child the conditions of family change, sometimes the flow of money increases and the living conditions improve, sometimes its otherwise, people get ruined after marriage and so on.

Is all this chance or a game of numbers, planets and elements?

In the next part of this article we will elaborate upon it and how this cycle of hard luck can be broken choosing the right numbers of name, business and marriage and so on..

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