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Ilm e jafar Mustehsilas

Following Mustehsilas are available at the moment, this list will grow with the passage of time, if you require custom made or your own Mustehsilas, they can also be created on request. Mustehsilas are provided as plugins, which can be installed and uninstalled. You can purchase Mustehsilas of your choice. FREE Mustehsilas are also included… Read More »

Payment Solutions for Pakistani Clients

This is a list of options for Pakistani clients to pay us for consultation/ software purchase. Easy Paisa Pay amount through EasyPaisa by following the simple steps below. Step 1: Send EasyPaisa to 0345-5937275 ( for more information on EasyPaisa visit ). Step 2: Email the payment receipt ID with your Name, Cell number,… Read More »

How to Install a Director Xtra

Installation By Using Installer Just run the installer and follow the screens, you must choose the Xtras folder within your director’s folder; this is the folder where all your xtras must be placed e.g. browse to (“C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director\configuration\Xtras\”). The installer will copy the Xtra and other support files to this folder. The installer will also… Read More »

Online Multimedia Samples

Our online Multimedia Samples, please click on the links below to open the sample multimedia application in a new window, all samples require Adobe ShockWave or Flash player to run. ABC Fun Learning Game The Maze (Game) Urdu Text Editor Amortization Calculator Amortization Calculator (Dual Graph) 3D Product Viewer LMKR Portfolio Cutout Hisoft Creative Portfolio… Read More »

Video Library

Our Video Library contains videos related Ilm e Jafar, Numerology, Astrology, Occult, Spirituality, Jins and Ghosts and Product Tutorials.( More videos and tutorials coming soon ) Tutorials