How to Install a Director Xtra


By Using Installer
Just run the installer and follow the screens, you must choose the Xtras folder within your director’s folder; this is the folder where all your xtras must be placed e.g. browse to (“C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director\configuration\Xtras\”). The installer will copy the Xtra and other support files to this folder. The installer will also ask you to select a shortcuts folder … this will be placed in you start-menu, and will include:
• User-Manual. (PDF) Requires Adobe Acrobat.
• Director demo movie.
• Link to my web-site for updates, new stuff and contact.

Manual Install
To install the Xtra manually without using the installer, place the xtra into your Xtras folder within your director’s folder. This is the only file required for the Xtra to function, all other files are help/support files, and you can place them any where on your hard-drive and can use them as and when required.

Checking The Installation and Getting Help

To see a list of the available methods/functions type in the message window
put interface(xtra “ControlPanel”)
put mmessagelist(xtra “ControlPanel”)
put xtra(“ControlPanel”).interface()

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