Numerology Lucky Numbers : Is my Mobile Number Lucky for Me?

By | March 25, 2013

As discussed in my previous articles, any number associated with you will have a definite effect on your life, this includes your Telephone and Cell number also.

Is my Mobile Number Lucky for Me? This article gives Step by Step instructions to find if your Mobile number is lucky for you or not and how to select a lucky mobile number using Numerology.

Things to remember

  • All those numbers which are ascending, lower number to higher will bring graceful progression in life, like 0345-3378699, or 0333-2335567
  • Any number that contains Zeros may be very lucky or very unlucky. Like 0300-2300780 or Golden numbers with Triple or Tetra Zeros, Like 000, 0000.
  • Any number that contains 4s and 8s will usually bring hardships and problems, restrictions, frictions and accidents.
  • Any Number that starts and ends at the same number will have almost no progress in life or will see regression after progression; the owner of the number will start and end on the same position in life. Like 0300-5679775
  • Cell Numbers with more 5s and 2s will bring instability in life, if both 5 and 2 come together repeatedly in a number it will degrade the relations between a husband and wife.
  • If 58 or 85 or 28 or 82 compound number is present or repeated in any cell number the owner of the number will have mental problems like depression, it will also attract demonic possession.
  • No 6 is generally lucky for many except for those with 3 as date of birth or 3 as destiny number, but its repetition in any cell number will make the owner more imaginative, romantic and the owner may also get involved in sinful activities.
  • If a number starts with 16, the owner of the number may have to get or give divorce or he/she may develop bad relations with his/her husband/wife.
  • Persons with date of birth 8, 17, 26 or with destiny number as 8 should not use any number that starts with 8 or ends with 8 or has 8 in between.
  • Persons with date of birth 4,13,22,31should try to avoid 4 and 8

Calculating your lucky Cell number

  • Your Cell number should start with your date of birth. Like if your date of birth is 12, the cell number should start with 1+2 = 3 or it should start with your lucky number as given in the table at the end of this article.
  • Find your destiny or fate number by adding your date+month+year of birth
  • Find destiny number of your cell number by adding all the numbers, and getting a single number out of it (see example below) the destiny number of cell should be equal to the lucky number of the destiny number of the date of birth.
  • See the table below to find if the addition is lucky for you or not


Date of birth = 11-Feb-1974 : 1+1+2+1+9+7+4 = 25 : 2+5 = 7

Cell Number =0345-5937275 : 0 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 5 + 9 + 3 +7 + 2+ 7+ 5 = 50/5

Result: The above number starts with 5 where as it should start with 2, moreover the destiny number of cell phone number 0345-5937275 is 5 where as it should be 1 or 2 which clearly means that this number is not lucky for 11-2-1974 date of birth.

Lucky Number Table

lucky number table kazsoft Numerology Lucky Numbers : Is my Mobile Number Lucky for Me?

Lucky Numbers Table

If you need Help in selecting a Lucky Cell Number Please Contact Us

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113 thoughts on “Numerology Lucky Numbers : Is my Mobile Number Lucky for Me?

  1. Mari

    You made some decent points there. I looked on the net for more information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this web site.

  2. Quratulain Qasim

    AOA Hassan Sir, my dob is 13-feb-1990 , plz tell me my lucky phone number, my current cell no. is ——-, plz tell me what to start with , what to include in numbers and what should be totals.


  3. Umesh sharma

    my dob is 08/03/1981
    my name is umesh sharma
    for me which mobile no is lucky
    please help me

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Umesh g!
      Your number should start with 3 end at 6, should not have any 8 in it and the total should be 3. (GOD Knows The Best)
      Best Regards!

  4. Altaf Hussain

    My Date of Birth is 10th March, 1989. Can you please suggest me MY MOBILE LUCKY NUMBER.


  5. vikram

    Hello my date of birth is 04/05/1980 could you suggest mobile number for me thanks! Vikram.

  6. Rijs

    Ѵalսablе info. Lucky mе I discoverеd your web site accidentally, and I am shocked why tyis accident dіdn’t took place earlier!
    I booƙmarked it.

  7. Joleen

    I really love your website.. Excellent colors
    & theme. Did you make this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m
    wanting to create my very own blog and would
    love to learn where you got this from or what the theme is called.
    Many thanks!

  8. Uday Agarwal

    Hello, A well explained article on selecting a mobile number. Could you help me out in selecting a mobile number for myself. The number is 97185-42357, DOB 16.11.1986. Thanks in advance.

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Uday,
      Thanks in advance, this number is not lucky for you, your number should start with 2 end at 7 and the total should be 6.
      Best Regards!

  9. soudri raju

    hi sir,
    I am Soudri Raju. My d.o.b. is 30/03/1981.Now I am using mobile it lucky for me.or which lucky for me and also
    my name no. is lucky or not.please suggest me lucky numbers.


  10. Rajesh

    My DOB: 18th Sept 1966.
    Will appreciate if could you please recommend me the best mobile no for my business and personal? Presently I have two mob numbers are below but I can change both of them if it is not proper:
    1) 982-403-0301
    2) 302-252-6475

  11. Shanta kumar

    Hi! My D.o.B is 03 march, 1992. Tell me about my lucky mobile no.? Whcih combination of no.’s should i use?

  12. vikram

    Can you suggest me for my new mobile number. My details : Name : Vikram DOB : 04/05/1980 Birth place Mumbai. Thanks in anticipation.

  13. praveen

    Hi hasan

    Please tell me the lucky phone number to be included for DoB’s is 05/12/1987 and 12/12/1986. (rahu time in my dob)

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Bro,
      for 5-12-1987 : The cell number should start with 3, it should end with 9 and should have more 3,6 in it the total sum should be 6.
      for 12/12/1986 : The cell number should start with 3, it should end with 6 and should have more 3,6 in it the total sum should be 3.


      1. Prasanna

        Hai hasan sir,
        im prasanna. my date oe birth is 25/02/993

        i used this mobile number –
        dear sir, which mobile number lucky for me. &my life.
        plz help me..

      2. Prasanna

        Hai hasan sir,
        my date of birth is 25/02/1993
        I used mobile number is-
        which number is lucky for me?


    MOB NO. IS 8459387596,

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Mohit g,
      The number starts with an 8 with a 4, which means frictions, problems, hardships, depression and accidents. Second combination is 4-5, which means depression. the third combination is 5-9 which again means the same, then 9-3 , thats good, then 8-7, means problems in marriage and travel, then 7-5 means changing moods again and again…
      The number starts with a higher digit 8 and ends at 6 lower one: means decline in every walk of life.
      The total of number is 1, starting is 8 total is 1, shams Dar Zuhal : mental or neurological problems and accidents. [ GOD Knows the best ]
      Please change this number if you can.

      Best Regards!

  15. Rahul Shankar Mahind

    My birthdate is 22-02-1987,
    My mobile no is 8796831656.
    Please let me know wheather this no is lucky for me or not.

  16. sanjay pandey

    my dob is 30th september 1969

    suggest whats sd be my mobile no

    can i include 777

    or 444 in end

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Sanjay G!
      Your number should srat with 1 and end at 3. It should not have 777 or 444 at the end. The total should be 1.
      Best Regards!

  17. ETAN

    Would like to consult you on below:
    Birth date destiny number is : 3
    Cell lucky number is also 3
    Cell number consist of many ‘6’s. (eg:xx6066x6). Saw at the top of the webpage you mentioned too man 6s in a cell number is no good for destiny number 3. Am i right?

    In such case, can i still keep this cell number? (eg:xx6066x6). Please advise. Thanks

  18. ETan

    So, what if I am birth date/destiny number with 3 matches my total cell number 3, but my cell number has many 6 in it, can I still keep the cell number? Thanks!

  19. Runa

    9874417444, 9100455551, 9681067245 these r my mob no. My dob is 4th august 1973. 11.50 am. Kol which no is preffered me? Plzz tell me

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Runa, none of the numbers you mentioned, as all of them are descending.. try to have an ascending number, that starts with 1 ends at 4 and the total/sum of the number should be 5.

  20. sudhir kumar tiwary

    hi hasan.

    please suggest…

    my d.o.b. is 06/05/1983
    mob no 93372 98982
    is it ok..

    please guide…

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi sudhir!, The overall number is ok, except for a few problems, starts with a large number and ends at small one, it has multiple 8s in it, 8 and 9 are coming together. These aspects will create problems for you. Its better to change.


    Dear Hasan Sir,

    My actual DoB is 04-March-19.., ….should be chosen for calculating the lucky numbers. And also guide which numbers should preferably I should take for mobile number. As you said in your writeup excess of number 2 in your mobile no. can lead to marriage disharmony, and the same has been true in my case as my number is 09990936…. I have taken a new number which also has double 2 in it, it is 704224…., which has resulted in my car accident today.Please advise which mobile no. should I take.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sunil Kumar

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Sunil!
      I am sorry to hear about all these problems you have faced. Please send me an email or use the spiritual help form, with following details:
      1. Your Complete name at birth, Names of both parents. ( If you can provide Urdu Spellings it will be helpful)
      2. Commonly Used name.
      3. Address, City.
      4. Name of business and Office Address.
      5. Your date, place, time of birth.
      6. Date of Accident and or other major tragic event.

      I will try my best to help you out.

  22. Vikram

    Hi. My name is vikram & my date of birth is 25/7/1986.
    Can you tel me wt number should my mobile number add up to..!

  23. Shiva

    Hello Sir, nice post..
    I’m DOB:4/june/1989, what number should i use?
    my birth number 4 and life number 1. mobile number total 50,it is okay?

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Shiva!
      No its not correct, the total of your mobile number should be equal to your life number. If the number starts with the birth number or any number thats in harmony with birth number will be lucky.

  24. balaji chirumamilla

    my Date of Birth is 17-06-1992

    my mobile number is 9036559927

    is it is my lucky number

    please suggest me some thing

  25. pramod

    my name is pramod yallappa talawar my dob is 10/2/1984 and my mobile no is 9964204190 is it good for me or no pls do reply

  26. Vandana lalwani

    Please help me to choose a new mobile number my date of birth is 29 jan 1977. Which number it should start and end, what should be the total. And can you please suggest about the name. Whether it is good or need some change. Your guidance is highly appreciated. I also would like to learn about numerology, how can I do this, please advise. Thankyou so much.

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      AOA Thanks for contacting me, please use the spiritual help form to send your question.
      As far as learning Numerology is concerned, God Willing soon i shall be posting tutorials on this site. You will be able to learn it easily.
      Best Regards!

  27. farhad

    Very nice written article.. my contact no is 0312-2212655
    date of birth 24-09-1990 is it better for me?
    or which one should i select?
    Farhad Idrees



    MY DOB IS 18/01/1968…..MY NAME IS SATHISH B P

  29. Ashish Sinha


    My name – “Ashish Sinha”, DOB – “16-10-1975” and Cell #9958111922.
    Pls let me know whether the Cell No and Name is lucky for me.
    Anything else which you would lke to point out?


    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Ashish,
      This number is not lucky for you.. the total is not in accordance with your dob, and also its in descending order.. means starting from 9 and ending at 2.. it indicates frequent changes in life finally leading to an unsuccessful ending.
      Your date of birth indicates problems in married and personal life, possibly 2 marriages and a broken love affair/engagement. Your name starts with a letter that is not suitable for you. It will increase your introvert, emotional temperament. Although the total of first name and the last names are correct and is in accordance with the dob, even then problems are expected.
      Best Regards!

  30. Gurram Vijay

    My date of birth is 15-01-1989
    which combination numbers is better to use in my mobile number
    I M using now 9666884596

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Grrram, This number is not lucky for you. Presence of 2 consecutive 8s is not a good sign, moreover its in descending order, the total is lucky. Even your name is not correct as per your date of birth. you should try to have more 6 in your cell no, start with 3 and end at 6, the total should be 7.

      Best regards!

  31. Shahid nazeer

    how can I find my exact date of birth according to my name

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      AOA Shahid Nazeer brother,

      you can find your zodiac by calculating the sum of your name + sum of your mothers name and dividing it by 12. However to find an exact date,month or year of birth is only possible through Ilm e Jafar. you can only do it yourself if your good at Ilm e Jafar Akhbar ; and that too requires a good Mustehsila for calculating precise words.
      Best Regards!

  32. Anirban Bose

    Hello sir, I wanted to know how the day in the date of birth is decided? If some one is born post midnight let’s say at Saturday 1: 00 AM, what would be his day of the birth? is this the Friday or Saturday? I am bit confused.

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Bose!
      In Numerology the date does not changes at mid night, its determined in accordance with the sunrise. Suppose the date on was 11/11/2013 time of birth was between 23:00 hrs and 3:45 am … the date of birth will be taken as 11th. The 12th will start just after sunrise. Birth Planetary hours are also calculated in the same manner.

      In Astrology things are different. The Birth Ascendant may change pre or post mid-night.
      In Arabic/Islamic calender . next date is taken from Sunset ( Moon sighting ) and not post mid-night.

      Best Regards!

      1. Anirban Bose

        Thank you Sir, Now I understood the concept.
        My Date of birth is 20-July-1979
        Name Anirban Bose
        Please let me know whether the name is correct according to numerology?
        Also, please let me know how to choose the mobile number? I have got three number and the number sums upto 42, 54, 27.
        Thanks again.

        1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

          Hi Bose, You are welcome :)
          Your name is incorrect in accordance with numerology, the starting letter A is of Numerological value 1 and relates to sun and date of birth starts with 20/2 relates to Moon. Your name is also not in accordance with your Zodiac. There is an extreme enmity between the element of starting letter and the Zodiac. So it needs to be totally changed.

          42 may prove to be better.

          Best Regards!

  33. Bidyut baran chandra

    Sir my name is “bidyut baran chandra” . And my mobile no is 8553649499. Can u plz tell me is it my lucky mobile no. If no what should i use.

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Bidyut!

      I need your Complete name along with birth details. Please send your Date, place an time of birth along with your mothers name.

      Best Regards!

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi sandesh N!

      I need your Complete name along with birth details. Please send your Date, place an time of birth along with your mothers name.

      Best Regards!

  34. venkata subbaiah

    Hai sir… I am venkata subbaiah. My DOB is 15/12/1984.
    My life path number is 4.
    My name number is 9
    My basic number is 6
    My mobile number is 9533255112 and its value is 9. Which ccontains 5s and 2s
    But it not matches to my basic num… But it matches to name number.
    Should I continue to use my num

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Venkata!

      Your name should match your basic date of birth numbers and also to your Sun Sign and most importantly the name should be in accordance with the Ascendant or at-least it should not be an enemy of it.

      If your name does not matches your basic numbers, you should adapt a new name, signature and pet-name, then calculate your lucky mobile number in accordance with it. The effects of new name will be dependent upon the frequency of its usage. If you are called again and again with the new name its vibrations will effect more and sooner and things will change in life.

      Best Regards!

  35. Mahinder Singh

    Hi Hasan,

    Hope you do receive this email.

    Which number below is appropriate for me:-


    My birthdate is 22/07/1975.


    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Mahinder,

      Sorry none of these is very lucky but 012-2221779 is better. Your date of birth cant be modified , but Sun and Venus dominate in it as per Numerology, both are enemies.

      Best Regards!

  36. amit shanker jha

    1. my date of birth is 12-12-1983
    2. my mb no is 8605-883-702
    is it okey ?

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Amit,

      This number is unlucky for you. Please try to have a number with more 3s in it that ends with a 9 and the sum or total should be 9.

      Best Regards!

    2. ahmed

      my birth date 03 October 1968
      my cell number 0657723131 is lucky for me or which number should I use?

  37. Swarupa Santhosh

    Thank you so much for your honest reply, I really appreciate it. If you could reply me to my mail that would be helpful….. And I want to tell you that you are so accurate :-). Thanks.

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Your Quick Analysis
      15-10-1984 = 11
      > DOB 1 and 5= Shams with Atarud : Marriage, Mental Problems.
      > Month 1 with 0 = Where Zero comes we take it as Zuhal: Planet of Destruction, a tough task master.
      > Date 1+5=6 and month 1+0=1 so its 1 and 6 together which makes 7. Delays in Marriage/ Broken Affairs/Engagement and Travel Abroad. A lonely Nature.
      > Life Path 11/2: Dangers in future, confused/Arrogant personality, continuous hasty and wrong decisions in life, masses turn against you… and so on.

      As the Total of name is 6, Date of birth is 6 so its lucky for you, despite the problems/delays/Wrong decisions in life.. InshALLAH Talla you will do better in life.

      Best Regards

  38. Swarupa

    Hi thanks for the reply :-). I have a question. My name number is 60, my date of birth is 15 October 1984. My life path is 11, my business number 33 and so my phone number ( my phone number total value is 33). I have too may venus. Does is affect me in any way??? I heard too many venus is not good. My phone number ends to 00066. Thanks again.

  39. Swarupa

    How can cell numbers should start with the person’s date of birth??? In India all cell number starts with 9 and recently numbers are starting with 8 and 7 also. What one can do at that point???

    And number 666 is a angel number and then why are you telling 6 should not repeat??? My husband is having 666 in his cell number and he is very kind hearted person.

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author


      1. Cell no may not start with the date of birth of person, sometimes it should not.
      2. If the numbers in your country are starting with a specific digit, you cant do anything about it.
      3. Repetition of no 6 is good. I never said it will bad, unless the date of birth is related to sun( 1 or 4), in this case it will bring problems in life and especially in marriage. or 6 may prove to be unlucky for persons with birth no 3. 6 is related to Venus and promotes love, harmony and peace, in some cases negative aspects of 6 may takeover a personality, like frequent love affairs, stealing small things, being over-imaginative and so on.

      Best regards!


  40. kavipurapu vivekananda

    1. what is my lucky number?

    2 what is my lucky mobile number?

  41. Ashish Patil

    My DOB is : 10-June-1973
    My cell number is: 9969709584 is is good.
    And if not what should be my number like ? any gudelines ?


  42. Mahinder Singh

    My birthdate is 22/07/1975.

    What is the best 10 digit mobile number combination for me?

      1. Mahinder Singh

        Dear Hasan,

        I have posted the enquiry in the link you have mentioned.did you receive it?

  43. avishek

    i am going to take new mobile number so i want to know which mobile number should it start with & end at, & my DOB is 9184-08-02

  44. Mahinder Singh

    My birthdate is 22/07/1975.

    What is the best 10 digit mobile number combination for me?

    Thank you for your advise.

  45. Mahinder Singh

    Hi Hasan,

    Thanks for your reply.Understood your situation and my apologies.

    I liked you article here on this lucky mobile number and have actually posted my query by clicking on the “contact us” button on this page.Probably it did not get through.

    Nevertheless i have sent the same query once more and hope that you could provide some advise.

    Thanks and great job on your articles.


  46. Mahinder Singh

    Mr hasan,

    Greetings to you.

    You dont seem to reply to any queries I have sent to you.


    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi Mahinder,

      The count of questions i am getting are in thousands… so the delay is obvious, but everyone will get a reply..
      I am at your service :)

      Best Regards!

  47. abucky

    highly nice post, i definitely love this web-site, maintain on it

  48. Celine

    There is apparently a lot to realize about this. I suppose you made various good points in features also

  49. Pinciance

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