Numerology Vocation: What Job or Business Should I do?

By | March 27, 2013
Numerology Vocation : What Job or Business Should I do??? Or is my current job or business suitable for me?   Al-least once in a lifetime, we all ask ourselves this question. The answer clearly lies in the use of Numerology or Astrology to take an intelligent, scientific and proper decision.

Although many different approaches can be followed using Astrology, Numerology or Ilm e Jafar, here we choose a straight forward and easy approach, a simple method that a layman can easily understand and follow to decide whether one should do business or job and what sort of business or job.

We must understand that everyone out of us can’t be a doctor, engineer or IT Professional. We should try to find our hidden talents and choose a path in accordance with the capabilities Allah Almighty has inoculated in our souls.

Should I do Business or Job

Find your Life path or Destiny number by adding you date, month and year of birth. If the result is an odd figure you should do Business and if it’s an even figure you should try to find a job.


Your Date of birth: 11/Jan/1973: 11+1+1973 = 1985: 1+9+8+5 = 23: 2 + 3 = 5 let’s call it Life Path Number

Result: 5 is an ODD figure, which means that you should do business instead of a job.

What Sort of Business or Job

It should be decided in accordance with your date of birth and Life Path, please consult the table below.

numerology vocation kazsoft 458x1024 Numerology Vocation: What Job or Business Should I do?

Vocation Table

*More Professions and domains can be added to the list above…

  • In general 1, 5, 7 are Scientific.
  • 2, 4, 8 are more inclined towards business.
  • 3, 6, 9 are Artistic and Philanthropic.

Consider both Life Path and Date of Birth Numbers, in the example above 11/Jan/1973, the date of birth is 11 or 2 and Life path number is 5, we have to types of numbers Scientific and Business means this person should do business related to Science. Like Freelance Web design, SEO, programming.

By using the procedure given above you can easily find your vocation.

There are more factors involved and can be considered, but for a common man this information is sufficient, anyhow if you want me to guide you taking this important decision Contact me

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7 thoughts on “Numerology Vocation: What Job or Business Should I do?

  1. Ani

    good sir, my Life path is 7 , and date 13/4 , Yes you r right I am a business minded person as i always get ideas of making companies etc. But as being a girl , our parents don’t take seriously in that , by not giving capital. :) in start but when they see the potential , they happily understand. :) Sir , what do you think How and in what small business should I invest in Lahore ?? ( by my pocket money 40k)

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      AOA Ainee… How r u !

      With 40k, there is hardly any option left. Total of Lahore ( Abjad ) is 8… and living in Lahore is not lucky for you. Its better that you complete your studies first and then start a small consulting firm, without partnership.

  2. Quratulain Qasim

    Nice post ,
    i had to clear, in first it is written that odd numbers r business , but at end of post its also written 2.4. 8 are business numbers ….? i didn’t understand

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      Hi, Intelligent Question !

      If the Destiny or Life Path Number is Odd one should work alone without going into partnership, otherwise a job or partnership is better.

      If the Date of birth or Destiny or Life Path Number is 2,4,8 then the person will have business sense and will be successful in business.
      No 2 is a good follower and No 1 is a good leader, so a person with No 2 should try to be in Partnership with a No 1.

  3. abuckyqualvak

    There is noticeably a bundle to understand about this. I assume you produced particular nice points in attributes also.

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