Takseer e Batni

Takseer e Batni 1.0.0
Released: 1-Aug-2016

Takseer e Batni is an Ilm e Jafar that provides easy to use functions for creating Taweez based on the procedure given by Mr Kash Al Barni [ کاش البرنی] in his book Ramooz Ul Jafar [روموز الجفر] Amal No 23. This is an excellent simple method that can be used for various purposes like Hub, Taskheer, Adawat, Taraqi, Wealth or Rizq etc.

 You only need to input name of Talib (اسم طالب), his/her Mothers Name  (اسم والدھ ) along with the statement of Desire ( سطر مقصد) and related ISM e AZAM and the software will generate Naqsh/Talasim along with the Azeemat for you . The output can be exported to HTML.

System Requirements


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Screen Shots:

KazSoft Takseer Batni Interface.fw  Takseer e Batni

KazSoft Takseer Batni Interface2.fw  Takseer e Batni

KazSoft Takseer Batni Interface3.fw  Takseer e Batni

Report Output

KazSoft Takseer Batni OutPut 470x1024 Takseer e Batni

Talasim e Jafria has following options:

  • Calculate Taweez or Talasim including Takseer o Moukilaat and Awan and Azeemat.
  • HTML Export of Taweez.
  • Haroof Equivalent Manager
  • Requires no expert knowledge of Ilm-e-Jafar to create Taweez and anyone can use it.

Help and Tutorials:


The Cost of Takseer e Batni is 700 PKR or 7 USD only

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