Taskheer e Aam [ Kash Al Barni ]

Taskheer e Aam 1.1.0
Released: 2-Apr-2017
Updated: 15-Apr-2017

Takseer e Aam is an Ilm e Jafar tool that provides easy to use functions for creating تسخیر عام و رجوع خلق Taweez/Loh based on the procedure given by Mr Kash Al Barni [ کاش البرنی ] in his book Ramooz Ul Jafar [روموز الجفر], Amal No 92. This Loh is made during Sharf e Zohra [شرف زہرہ یا زہرہ کے سعد اوقات

 You only need to input name of Talib (اسم طالب), his/her Mothers Name  (اسم والدھ ) and the software will generate Naqsh/Talasim along with the Azeemat for you . The output can be exported or printed in high quality directly from the doftware.

Updates in Latest version 

  1. Version updated to 1.1.0 , with addition of the following.
  2. Export to PDF and Image added
  3. Improved display of generated images.
  4. Set Naqsh Quality functionality changed.
  5. Changed Fonts for Azeemat and Awan AS.
  6. Changed Fonts of Raftar.
  7. Better Display of Urdu Digits.
  8. Error in Tak,Juft Calculation and others corrected.

System Requirements


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Screen Shots:

KazSoft Taskheer e Aam Result Front Page 1024x546 Taskheer e Aam [ Kash Al Barni ]


Taskheer e Aam has following options:

  • Calculate Taweez or Talasim including Takseer o Moukilaat, Awan, Jinnat Ul Amal and Azeemat.
  • Generate high quality printable Bayoot.
  • Generate backside picture with Awan, Moukilat and Jinnat Ul Amal written at proper places and around picture, The picture is generated in 300 DPI SVG+PNG  format for best print results.
  • Modify the font size and style of Naqsh, Awan, Azeemat.
  • Change the quality for Screen display (72-96 DPI) or for printing ( 300 DPI).
  • Save/Add/Manage Client names for future usage.
  • Provides Bayoot templates Library.
  • Create Empty/blank Naqsh, with Awan and Azeemat written for printing.
  • Inclues 15 Raftars of Mukhamas Naqsh ( مخمس )۔
  • Includes a library or statements.
  • HTML Export of Taweez.
  • HTML Export of complete report containing all calculations.
  • Haroof Equivalent Manager
  • Simple Facility to edit the provided Raftars.
  • Requires no expert knowledge of Ilm-e-Jafar to create Taweez/Loh and anyone can use it.

Help and Tutorials:


The Cost of Tashkeer e Aam is 1200 PKR or 12 USD only

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