The Shadow People

By | March 6, 2013

The Shadow People, What They are ?

Shadow People

As experienced by millions of people around the globe through centuries, there exists supernatural beings which are invisible or barely visible to naked human eye. These beings are known as “Shadow People” or “Shadow Folk” or “Shadow Persons” or “Jins” and “Ghosts”.
This piece of writing will elaborate upon their appearance, behavior and methods of attack.

Appearance Shadow People
As the name describes them, these are human like dark shadows, we have also seen alien sort of creatures and also animals (Cats, Elephant etc.)

  • Body Shape: Human Like (or Animal like)
  • Visible Body Color: Dark or Light Gray Shadow, White, Blackish or spark/flame color.
  • Actual Body Color: White; like a dead body.
  • Height: 3-4 feet while flying or moving around. About 8 feet or larger while lying on bed.
  • Hands: Their hands are like humans. Long or Short nails, usually 4 fingers.
  • Legs: Like humans.
  • Hair: They have usually long hair, black, brown or white in color.
  • Flesh: Human like soft flesh. In semi condensed form its like gelatin.
  • Sex: Both Male and Female exists.
  • Sexual Organs: Different than humans. But they develop sexual relations with human beings sometimes intimate and sometimes out of revenge.

Capabilities and Behavior

  • Intelligence: These creatures are extremely intelligent. They have the ability to understand different languages, they learn with experience. I heard them talking in Urdu, English and Punjabi Languages.
  • Sight: They can see, even in darkness like dogs. They can see through cloth.
  • Hearing: They can hear like humans or may be better than us.
  • Hypnosis/Telepathy: They have ability to project their voice, thoughts and images on human mind. They can read human mind from a distance as well.
  • Flight: They can fly and move around at the speed of light like a laser beam.
  • Solidification / Condensation: They have the ability to change their form from gaseous state to solid condensed body.
  • Partial Solidification: They have the ability to condense a part of their body like only a hand can become solid and rest remains like gas/particles.
  • Movement: They move at the speed of laser/light, very fast.
  • Temperament: Basically coward, ill tempered and lacks courage to face a strong human being directly. Devilish, i must say.

Methods of Attack

  • Shadow people usually stay near the ground.
  • They attack from your left rear side, usually on the back, on the left shoulder, left lobe of the brain, on chest, Legs, hips, feet.
  • They try to give you as much pain as they can.
  • By manipulating your brain they try to divert your attention, rendering you useless and absent minded all the time.
  • Their subject/target will loose confidence and will have doubts in everything he/shes does.
  • They will segregate you from the society and will destroy your life.
  • They have the capabilities to rape and kill. Numerous incidents have been reported by people in this regards.
  • They steel or misplace your things sometimes.
  • They blow air on your feet, neck, ear etc. even when all the windows are closed.
  • Their target human always feel uncomfortable. feeling pain in some part of the body.
  • Many people feel paralysis during sleep or sometimes while they are lying down on the bed.
  • It never leaves it target, regardless of its location, sometimes it does leaves you when a number of people are around.

More on shadows including pics coming soon

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