Treatment of Black Magic

In this article, I will elaborate upon some of the ways for the treatment of black magic.

What is Black Magic?

Black magic is an occult science that involves use of negative energy of letters, shapes or words and effects of time to invoke the evil forces and produce desired destructive effects.

All Holy Religions (Islam, Christianity…) strictly prohibit the learning and use of this evil science. Anyhow a large number of people throughout the world practice it to fulfill their ill desires and harm others.

Treatment of Black Magic

The only way to protect ourselves from this evil is to follow Religion in its true sense; Islam guides us different Prayers, Rituals and methods to protect ourselves and to treat it.

Methods of Treatment

  1. Offer Prayers regularly, it’s difficult to Pray when one is under the influence of magic but it must be done.
  2. Recite Surah Baqrah daily in your house/office or play its recording.
  3. Recite “Ya Seen, Wal Quranil Hakeem” Surah e Yaseen, First Ayat, with or without Wazoo all the time.
  4. Recite 4 x Qul Shareef, Ayat al Kursi each 3 or 7 times, with Darood Shareef 11 or 14 times in starting and ending then blow on your hand and do hisar of body then blow it in the surroundings.
  5. On Friday, One person from affected house should give Azan after Isha Prayers in the central room of the house in low voice.
  6. Give Sadqa on regular basis for the affected person.
  7. On Sunday from 6 am to 7 am, stand on soil in your house without shoes (bare footed), Recite 3 times Darood Shareef then Surah e Falaq and Naas 3 x Times and then again Darood Pak 3 times then take some soil under your feet and put it on hot burning coal or in fire.
  8. All members of family should do Wazoo and sit together on clean floor (Carpet or Cloth etc..) then Recite 11 times Darood Shareef then 1100 times “ Ya Momeeto” ( The Holy Name Of ALLAH [S.W.T] ) and then 11 times Darood Shareef, it should be done by all family members and continue the same for 11 days.
  9. Give Azan in low voice in the ear of the patient and Recite 7 times Ayat no 115 of Surah e Mominoon (18) again in the ear. Continue it until the patient him/herself confirms recovery.
  10. Write Ayat 102 of Surah e Baqrah on a piece of clean pak paper with clean and halal ink and wear it for 15 days, remove the Taweez after 15 days.
  11. Give Dhuni of Harmal on weekly basis in house/office.
  12. Put a bit of Harmal in blue cloth and place it under pillow.
  13. Recite BismiLLAH Shareef and then  206 times “Ya Jabbaaro”  ( The Holy Name Of ALLAH [S.W.T] ) then Darood Ibrahimi [A.S] and do dam on a biscuit and the patient should eat it. Continue this amal for 7 days.
  14. Write Ayat no 81,82 of Surah e Younas [A.S] with Saffron ( Zafran) and Arq-e-Gulab on a plate and patient should drink form it.
  15. Recite Surah e Muzamil [PBHM&HF] on water and drink it in morning and evening.

In the Next article I will post some ways to judge if a person is under the influence of black magic / kala jadu or not.


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5 thoughts on “Treatment of Black Magic

  1. Sain Dino

    Respected Sir,

    I want to learn that how to heal negative energies from a person who have suffered from this black magic. i do zikar ALLAH in my heart on every moment, i want to know that my mother name qamri number and my name qamire number jointely find out the total number is the amount for reading any amel or not?

    please sir guide me I want to learn how to spritual healing for black majic.

    1. Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author

      AOA Brother,
      We are setting up a school of Ilm e Jafar, and announcement in this regard will be made on website soon InshALLAH.
      Best Regards!

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