Al-Quran Al-Hakeem Calculator

Al-Quran Al-Hakeem Calculator Version 1.1.1
Updated ( 29/Oct/2014)

1.fw  Al Quran Al Hakeem Calculator

 AL-Quran Al-Hakeem is a FREEWARE/GIFTWARE, Software, that can calculate Jamal/Sum, Taddad e Haroof o Nuqaat, Anasir, Barooj, Kawakib/Planets and many other details of any Quranic Surah or Ayat or Word. It Contains complete Quran e Pak, Asma Ul Husna [ JJ ] and Asma Un Nabi [ S ]. This is a Gift to everyone engaged in Analysis and Research of The Living Miracle. This tool is based on Ilm e Jafar procedures of Numerical Analysis and calculation.  

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