Ghalib Maghloob Calculator

Ghalib Maghloob Calculator Version 1.5.1
Updated ( 30/Oct/2014)

KazSoft Ghalib Maghloob Calc 151 Interface Ghalib Maghloob Calculator

KazSoft Ghalib Maghloob Calculator ( FREEWARE ) is an easy to use Ilm e Jafar Software, that can be used to calculate compatibility between two persons or things or for match making or seeing if a field of study or place ( City, Address, Country ) etc. etc are compatible. Simply type Name of person in the upper textbox and the send name of person or thing or city, field of study etc. in the lower text box and click OK. The result will be displayed as Ghalib/ Maghloob if the name of person is Ghalib, he/she will have benefits from the person or thing city ( Maghloob ), if the second name is Ghalib then it will not be fruitful for this person.
The software is provided Free of cost to benefit everyone.

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