Ilm e Jafar Mustehsila Mushaf e Abu Talbi AS

Mustehsila Mushaf e Abu Talbi AS Version 1.1.0

Updated: 10/Dec/2014.
Updated: 30/Oct/2014.
Released: 5/Aug/2014.

 Ilm e Jafar Mustehsila Mushaf e Abi Talbi AS , is a top class Khud-Natiq Mustehsila, by Mr.Babar Sultan Qadri, the procedure has been adapted by an article of Roohani Aloom ( This Mustehsila is being presented in the form of an EASY TO USE SOFTWARE FOR ALL. Even if you dont know a word Ilm Jafar you can easily calculate answers to your questions within seconds. This Software performs each and every step and gives you a straight simple answer, in the form of clear words which are in exact sequence.

Latest Updates:

  • Added function to change date and time.
  • Display Question date and time instead of current data and time.
  • Display both current and Question date and time in HTML report.

System Requirements

Download Trial

The software can be used on Trial basis for 14 days or for 14 runs.  . To purchase the Software please go to the end of page.

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Screen Shots:


  • Calculate Mustehsila.
  • Replace Non Abjad Haroof with equivalent Abjad Haroof.
  • Ability to manage ( Add, Edit) equivalent haroof.
  • Perform all steps of Mustehsila
  • Mark Answers with colors and make words.
  • Export the Answer along with all steps as a complete report in HTML format.
  • Includes Asas of Question, date and time in the report.
  • Restrict language typing to specific Haroof-Set
  • Supports Questions/Asas of up to 3000 letters (Depends upon the processing capability of your system).
  • Find translations of words with a click of a button using Google Translate.
  • Give Complete Answer as Self or Khud Natiq ( only one or two haroof may rarely be taken as Nazira or Tarfa)
  • and much much more



The Cost of Mustehsila Mushaf e Abu Talbi AS Pkr 50 USD or 5000 PKR.