Jafar Calculator

Jafar Calculator Version 3.0.1
Updated 2 Oct 2014

KazSoft Jafar Calculator is an Ilm e Jafar Software that provides easy to use functions for extracting different types of haroof from Asas and calculating Sum/Jamal, count of Haroof and Dots in Asas. Dozens of Haroof Types are Supported. It also provides tools for creating own Abjad. Charts can be produced for data analysis of Haroof and related Sum, Elements and more.

Added in Version 3.0.1

  • Improved interface.
  • Improved Astrology Enumerations Panel
  • Multiple versions of Abjad e Arabi Adadi
  • Workflow completely redesigned to efficiency
  • Additions to Help menu
  • Serial Number Bugs removed.

Added in Version 3.0.0

  • Al-Quran Al-Hakeem Explorer Library Plugin
  • Misc Astrology  Information Library Plugin
  • Convert Haroof to Adaad ( Abjad Alphabets to Numbers )
  • Convert Numbers to Abjad Haroof.
  • View Detailed Analysis report.
  • Calculate Makhrooti Adaad or Inverted Pyramid ( Numerology Addition  Method).
  • All operations of Ilm e Jafar moved to Results text box to preserve Asas.
  • Removed Auto Replacement and Auto Calculation buttons, now everything is done automatically.
  • Fixed Abjad Azmaq for ‘Ha’ Error.
  • Fixed ‘Abjad e Malfoozi’ bug.
  • Added Buttons/Controls Enabling and Disabling automatically with data.
  • Calculator Window can now be Maximized.
  • Options to Hide Keyboard and Asas Window.

Added in Version 2.5.0

  • Bist
  • Takhlees
  • Malfoozi
  • Tarfah from any Abjad
  • Tanazul from any abjad
  • Nazira from any abjad
  • Bist Arbi Adadi
  • Bist Farsi Adadi
  • Bist Urdu Adadi
  • Increased font size of all elements.
  • Removed bugs in keyboard.
  • Improved Abjad Manager, with lot better features and error checking.
  • Typed in checked more than 50 Abjads…

System Requirements


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Screen Shots

Jafar calculator interface2 1024x628 Jafar Calculator


Jafar Calculator has following options:

1. Extract Different Type of Haroof from Asas, following types are supported:

KazSoft Jafar Calculator Haroof Types Jafar Calculator

2. Calculate Sum ( Jamal e Kabeer, Sagheer, Asghar ), using any of the Abjads or custom ( User Defined ) Abjad.

3. Determine Count of Haroof of the given Statement ( Asas ).

4. Determine Count of Dots ( Nuqaat) in the given Statement ( Asas ).

5. Gives Options to edit available Abjads or define new Abjads.

6. Options to Enter Alternative Haroof for Non Abjad Haroof.

7. Clean Asas from Non Abjad Haroof.

8. Analyze Asas for Haroof, Jamal, Elements, Barooj and Kawakib with Charts.

9. Convert Haroof to Adaad and Adaad to Haroof.

10. Create Ehram e Adaad / Makhrooti Adaad ( Numerology Addition Triangle).

11. Ilm e Jafar Operations like: Bist, Takslees, Halfoozi, Arbi Adadi, Urdu Adadi, Farsi Adadi, Tarfah, Tanazul, Nazira from any Abjad.

12. Get complete Analysis of All haroof types in one click.

13. Inbuilt Astrology Keyword library Plugin.

14. Al Quran Al Hakeem Plugin that contains complete Quran e Hakeem.

and More….


The Cost of  KazSoft Jafar Calculator  is 25 USD or Pak Rs.2500 only.