Haroof Analyzer

Haroof Analyzer Version 1.0.0

Haroof Analyzer is a tool to find all combinations of given letters or haroof, it can also analyze if given letters make a word in Arabic,Persian, Urdu or English and can also give suggestions for words. This is a handy and easy to use tool with built in dictionary support for the said languages. Intended for solving Mustehsilas of Ilm e Jafar. The selected word can be searched by the click of a button on Google Translate.

System Requirements


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Screen Shots:

Haroof Analyzer has following options:

  • Generate all possible combinations of given haroof/Letters.
  • Analyze if a combination is word of Arabic, Persian, Urdu or English.
  • Perform Maqoos of given haroof and then analyze.
  • Give suggestions for words closer/similar to a combination of letters
  • Provides inbuilt support for Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English Dictionaries.
  • The selected word can be searched/translated using Google Translate with the click of a button without copy pasting or retyping.


The Cost of Haroof Analyzer is 14 USD or Pak Rs.1400 only.