Jafar e Jame Explorer

Jafar e Jame Explorer Version 1.2.0

Jafar e Jame Explorer is a tool capable of creating The Book of Jafar e Jame from any standard or custom Abjad. Kitab (Book) of Jafar e Jame is used in Ilm e Jafar Akhbar and Asaar. Whether you are creating a Taweez with Jafar e Jame or trying to solve a Mustehsila e Jafar, this tool will help. Now you can do calculations of hours or days in seconds.

System Requirements

Download Trial The software can be used on Trial basis for 5 days or for 5 runs. . To purchase the Software please go to the end of page.

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Screen Shots:

Takseer e Jafar has following options:

  • Create Book of Jafar e Jame with any of the available Abjad.
  • Find Juz, Safah, Satar and Khana with ease using only the Maratab or the Abjad Haroof.
  • Create New Abjads.
  • Browse the complete book with navigation bar.
  • Save the desired Safah as webpage/HTML or export an image.
  • Bookmark important Khanas for future reference and usage.
  • Mark/unmark Khanas with colors for easy reading and manipulation
  • Copy the selected Khanas as formatted text.
  • Get Tadaad e Haroof of the selected cells


The Cost of Jafar e Jame Explorer isĀ  23 USD or Pak Rs.2300 only.