Takseer e Jafar

Takseer e Jafar Version 3.3.3
Released : 14/12/2001
Updated: 2002 till 2012.
Updated: 27/Nov/2013.
Updated: 17/June/2014.
Updated: 29/Oct/2014.
Updated: 19/Apr/2015.

Takseer e Jafar, is a tool that provides easy to use options for creating different types of Takseer. Takseer is a process of Ilm e Jafar used in both Akhbar and Asaar. Weather you are creating a Taweez doing a Takhseer or trying to conclude answer from a Musthesila e Jafar, this tool will help. Now you can do calculations of hours or days in seconds. Beside doing Takseer it can also be used to calculate sum ( Jamal ) of the Asas ( Question / Statement ) or of complete Takseer.

Latest Updates (19/Apr/2014)

  • Support for Takseer e Adadi Added.
  • Support for English Takseer Added ( Jamal for English letters will be included in next version InshALLAH).
  • Non-Abjad letters can now be used in Takseer.
  • Asas Editor will only highlight letters for which a substitute is not available.
  • Data loading Error removed.
  • License Email subject updated.
  • New Green Interface.
  • Jamal options moved to Settings panel.
  • 75 Abjads Now Available to calculate the Jamal.
  • Haroof e Qalb are now highlighted in green in Takseer.
  • Satar Meezan will not be included in calculating Haroof e Qalb and Haroof e Atraaf if option is de-selected ( this was a bug in previous version).
  • Other performance updates.

Latest Updates (29/Oct/2014)

  • Al Quran Explorer Plugin added.
  • Misc Astrology Info plugin addad.
  • More than 30 Takseer types Now supported.
  • Jamal Satar Atraaf function addad.
  • Jamal Middle(Qalb) of Takseer function addad.
  • Imtajaz function and window addad.
  • Haroof Analysis Functionality addad.
  • Licensing model has been changed.
  • Updated Abjad Manager with better error checking and visual support.
  • Completely changed visual theme to match other 2014 products.
  • Some Bugs minor corrections.
  • Improved Installer/Setup file.

Updates (17/7/2014)

  • Options for adding or removing Satar e Meezan from Jamal.
  • Licensing model has been changed.
  • 50 Typed, checked Abjads included.
  • Updated Abjad Manager with better error checking and visual support.
  • Now supports Win 8, 8.1 both 32 and 64 bits.
  • Enhanced Security and better performance.
  • Some Bugs Corrected.
  • Trial version of Software launched

System Requirements


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Screen Shots:

KazSoft Takseer e Jafar 2015 Interface 1024x539 Takseer e Jafar

Takseer e Jafar has following options:

  • Perform following types of Takseer.
    • صدر موخر
    • صدر موخر معکوس
    • صدر موخر لفظی
    • صدر موخر لفظی معکوس
    • موخر صدر
    • موخر صدر معکوس
    • موخر صدر لفظی
    • موخر صدر لفظی معکوس
    • تکسیر عکسی
    • تکسیر عکسی معکوس
    • تکسیر عکسی لفظی
    • تکسیر عکسی لفظی معکوس
    • تکسیر معکوس و عکس
    • تکسیر عکس و معکوس
    • مقلوب التکسیر
    • مقلوب التکسیر معکوس
    • مقلوب التکسیر  لفظی
    • مقلوب التکسیر  لفظی معکوس
    • تکسیر وقف حرفی
    • تکسیر وقف حرفی معکوس
    • تکسیر وقف حرفی لفظی
    • تکسیر وقف حرفی لفظی معکوس
    • تکسیر بطنی
    • تکسیر بطنی معکوس
    • تکسیر زوجی
    • تکسیر زوجی معکوس
    • تکسیر منصوب الطرفین
    • تکسیر منصوب الطرفین معکوس
    • تکسیر ثانیہ
    • تکسیر ثانیہ معکوس
    • تکسیر ثالثہ
    • تکسیر ثالثہ معکوس
    • تکسیر قطبی
    • تکسیر قطبی معکوس
    • .. More will be added in future releases.
  • Calculate Jamal of Takseer and Asas using any of 28 Abajad of Jafar or with your own defined Abjad.
  • Calculate Jamal of Haroof Qalm ( Middle) and Atraaf ( Corners ) using any of 28 Abajad of Jafar or with your own defined Abjad.
  • Create New Abajad.
  • Clean Non Abjad letters from an Urdu/Persian/Arabic Statement of Asas.
  • Perform Imtajaz of Two Asas of the same size.
  • Perform Takhlees of given Asas/Statement.
  • Perform Malfoozi of given Asas/Statement.
  • Perform Bist e Harfi or Lafzi of given Asas/Statement.
  • Perform Maqoos of given Asas/Statement..
  • Take Nazira of the Asas from any given Abjad.
  • Take Tanazul of Asas from any given Abjad.
  • Take Tarfa of Asas from any given Abjad.
  • Get detailed Analysis of many of the Haroof types
  • Mark/Unmark all Non-Abjad letters of Asas in red.
  • Insert/Remove spaces between haroof.
  • Restrict language typing to specific Haroof-Set
  • Supports Takseer of up to 3000 letters (Depends the processing capability of your system).
  • Save Takseer Output as HTML in table or line by line text format.
  • Options to modify all aspects of the generated Takseer, including the following:
    • Font Size, Style and Color.
    • Background Color.
    • Change Title and Footer of HTML Output.
    • Toggle visibility of numbering of Takseer rows and columns
    • Change Border Size of Takseer Table.
    • Change Cell Padding/Spacing of Takseer Table Cells.
    • Include current date and time in Takseer.


The Cost of Takseer e Jafar is 50 USD or Pak Rs.5000 only.