Talasim Jafria

Talasim Jafaria (Kash Al-Barni) 1.2.0
Released: 24-Jan-2015
Updated: 16-March-2015
Updated 3-Aug-2016

Talasim Jafaria is an Ilm e Jafar that provides easy to use functions for creating Talasim Jafaria (طلسم جفریہ) given in Ramooz Ul Jafar (رموز الجفر), book by Mr.Kash Al-Barni (کاش البرنی). You will only need to input names of Talib (طالب), Matloob (مطلوب) and Maqsad (مقصد) and the software will calculate Azeemat (عزیمت) and Addaad (اعداد) and other details required to create the naqsh. The output can be exported to HTML. the naqsh can be created our software KazSoft Naqoosh Maker.

Updates 3-Aug-2016

  • Software updated to Version 1.2.0.
  • Calculations can now be done using any Abjad so Qamri or Shamsi Adaad can be used.
  • Araab will now be added automatically to Isma e Azam, Isma e Moukilat and Awan.
  • Separate tab for Azeemat with Araab added.
  • Improved Algorithm for Isma Search in Takseer.
  • Better error checking.

Updates 16-March-2015

  • Added Maqoos Haroof e Madakhil for Maqloob calculations.
  • Now only Mansoob or Maqloob can be selected as different sequence of Haroof is being taken.

System Requirements


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Screen Shots:

kazsoft talasim e jafria interface1 1024x458 Talasim Jafria

kazsoft talasim e jafria interface2 1 1024x527 Talasim Jafria

kazsoft talasim e jafria interface3 1024x471 Talasim Jafria

kazsoft talasim e jafria wordananalysis Talasim Jafria

Talasim e Jafria has following options:

  • Calculate Following.
  • تکسیر اول و دوم
  • Use any Abjad for calculation.
  • اعداد تکسیر و سطور اول
  • حروف اسم اعظم و اعداد براے تکسیر اول و دوم
  • حروف موکلات و اعداد براے تکسیر اول
  • حروف اعوان و اعداد براے تکسیر دوم
  • عزیمت و اعداد براے تسخیر
  • عزیمت مع اعراب
  • تجزیہ اقسام حروف
  • تجزیہ جمل الفاظ
  • HTML Export
  • Haroof equivalent Manager.
  • and more…

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The Cost of Talasim e Jafria is 50 USD or Pak Rs.5000 only.