Taskheer e Haroof e Sawamat

Taskheer e Haroof e Sawamat Version 4.0.0
Updated: 26-May-2015
Updated: 24-Dec-2016

Taskheer e Haroof e Sawamat is an Ilm e Jafar Software that is used for creating Bandish Taweez. Its based on Haroof e Sawamat ( Arabic Letters Without Dots ). Using this software anyone can easily do Bandish of anyone ( Only if its for a Halal and Jaiz [ Just ] purpose ).

Latest Updates

  • Select different Abjads for Sawamat sequence and Jamal.
  • Analyze Asas for word by word Jamal.
  • Add Azeemat to Naqsh.
  • Add Moukilat to Words and Azeemat.
  • Add/Remove Arraab to Words.
  • Now Naqsh of all sizes starting from 3×3 to 12×12 can be created.
  • Large number of options to modify Naqsh output template.
  • Tab to display Naqsh timing information.
  • Added Options to change display fonts for Asas, Words and Azeemat.
  • Added button to import to Asas.
  • Added button to carryout new calculations using same data.
  • Added file menu options to generate Taweez and Report.
  • Option to change word-size after calculation shifted to Words screen.
  • Added options to write Haroof e Sawamat around Naqsh.
  • Added option to write Asas/Ibarat below Naqsh.
  • Added options to Analyze Words for Types and Jamal.
  • Added Option to change Language of Naqsh.
  • Added Option to change Font of Naqsh and Ibarat in Naqsh options.
  • Added More links to help menu.
  • Improved Performance.
  • Improved HTML output.
  • Changed HTML Template.
  • Improved licensing options.
  • Implemented new trial limitations.
  • Removed support for Win XP.
  • Software now requires MS .Net Framework version 4.6.2

Updates 26-May-2015

  • Output template Tables updated for RTL ( 26-May-2015)
  • Added Sawamat Abjad sequence options for all Abjads.( 24-May-2015)
  • Naqoosh Murabah and Masalas of all raftar can now be produced.
  • Options added to write Lafaz from Imtazaj on sides of Naqoosh.
  • Templates for creating Naqoosh added.
  • Out is now available on tab in interface.
  • New interface with green theme.
  • Improved performance and security.
  • Help/ Contact links updated.
  • and more…

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  • You can create Naqsh with any Raftar or Chaal with Naqoosh Maker
  • To Create Takseer of Asas use our software Takseer e Jafar

System Requirements

  • MS.Net Framework version 4.6.2
  • Windows 7 (Sp 1) -Window 10+
  • Urdu Support installed.
  • Paksign Urdu phonetic keyboard.
  • Click here to see System Requirements.


Click download button below to download 7 days or 7 runs limited trial version .

Download Taskheer e Sawamat 2017

Screen Shots:

KazSoft Taskheer Haroof Sawamat 2017 Interface 1024x591 Taskheer e Haroof e Sawamat

Taskheer e Haroof e Sawamat has following options:

  • Perform Imtajaz of the given statement and Haroof e Sawamat then create words of given size for Bandish Taweez.
  • Calculate Jamal of Tashkeer and Asas using any of Abjads ( Included in the software).
  • Create New Abjads and calculate Jamal with them.
  • Clean Asas from Non Abjad Letters if required. Haroof Equvialents manager included.
  • Includes a library for storing commonly used bandish statements of Asas.
  • Supports Imtazaj of upto 3000 letters.
  • Create Taweez for Bandish/ Taskheer.
  • Save Taweez/Output as HTML.
  • Options to modify all aspects of the generated Taweez/Report, including the following:
    • Font Size, Style and Color.
    • Background Color.
    • Change Title and Footer of HTML Output.
    • Include current date and time in Takseer.



The Cost of Taskheer e Haroof e Sawamat is 50 USD or Pak Rs.5000 only.