Weather Forecasting With Ilm e Jafar

By | December 26, 2013

Weather forecasting is an important task, for day to day life, planning travels, military operations, exercises, outdoor functions, air travels, safety and more. During my military services in Artillery, I learned that Meteorological or Met units provide services almost everywhere in the World; where artillery units are deployed, one of its duties include weather forecasting. Being a student of Numerology and Ilm e Jafar I decided to find a simple solution to this great task using Jafar. After going through a lot many books on Ilm Jafar, I was unable to find a single solution on the topic under discussion. But it was clear that this task could not be that difficult.

I decided to use Abjad e Ahtam; it’s one of the 28 Ilm e Jafar Abjads, that deals with the four basic elements namely:

  • Fire ( Atish )
  • Air ( Baad )
  • Water ( Aab )
  • Soil ( Khaak )

Fire indicates Hot, Air= Wind, Water = Clouds/Rain/Snow, and Soil indicates Dusty.

Using Abjad Ahtam we simply analyze the name of any location with or without the date to conclude.

  • Overall weather of any place. Like Multan is Hot, Muree is cold, Karachi is Humid etc.
  • Weather on a specific date or time instance.
  • Weather during a specific time period like from Dec to Jan and so on.

Method of Calculation:

  1. Biste Harfi all haroof of the name of place, include date, time if required, this is called Asas.
  2. [Optional ; to get more accurate result] Note down the element of every letter of Asas.
  3. Calculate Jamal or Sum of all letters using Abjad e Qamri.
  4. Convert Sum to Letters or Haroof using Abjad Ahtam.
  5. Note the Anasir or Elements of each letter.
  6. Interpret the result. Consider the following
    1.  General indication of each element like Fire for Hot etc.
    2. Consider Frequency or count of every element.


Lets take different different cities of Pakistan and analyze them as per the method given above.

    • Multan:

      Multan 2 Weather Forecasting With Ilm e Jafar

      Multan 1 Weather Forecasting With Ilm e Jafar

Result : Hot, Dusty and Windy.

  • Muree:

    Muree Weather Forecasting With Ilm e Jafar

    Result: Wind, Cloud, Rain/Snow, Cool, Note the absence of Fire element or Atish.

  • Rawalpindi:

    Rawalpindi Weather Forecasting With Ilm e Jafar

    Result: Hot and Rainy

  • Karachi:

    Karachi Weather Forecasting With Ilm e Jafar

    Result: Very clear

Please note that same method can be used to analyze the true nature or temperament of any person or thing.
Abjad e Qamri and Ahtam can be found here.

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