Taskheer e Hayola

تسخیر ہیولی بابر سلطان قادری تعارف یہ عمل حضرت علامہ ابو عباس احمد بونیؒ صاحب کا ہے جس کو بابر سلطان قادریؒ صاحب نے تفصیل کے ساتھ بیان کیا، عمل اپنے جسم لطیف یا ہیولے یا ساے کی تسخیر کا ہے، یہ ایک 14 دن کا آسان سا عمل ہے۔ آئینہ قسمت ستمبر اکتوبر 1988… Read More »

How to Purchase Software Using PayPal

KazSoft , Software Downloading and Purchasing Tutorial http://www.hykaz.com , info@hykaz.com , +1 431 777 7862 The tutorial explains the process of downloading and purchasing any software from KazSoft by PayPal, Please follow the steps below. Visit http://hykaz.com/products/ Choose the product of your choice and click More Button To Download the Software click the Download Button… Read More »

Naqoosh e Shifa

AOA Friends, Recently KazSoft released a software called Talasim e Shifa. that use four methods for making Taweez for Shifa or health. Its using four different methods: علاج بل جفر- شاہد الیاس سلیمی علاج بل جفر- حکیم سرفراز احمد زاہد کاش البرنی – پیام شفا – روموز الجفر پیر منور حسین مٹھےشاہی – سجادہ نشین… Read More »

Crime Investigations with Occult Sciences

Introduction Occult sciences can be used with a good amount of accuracy to investigate crimes/terrorism etc. and it can be a good tool in the hands of law enforcement agencies. I must say that this is the need of time as huge sums of money, time, and efforts are being invested internationally and nationally for… Read More »

Inheritance of luck

In practical life we find a very few persons who really are self-made, means their fathers and forefathers were humble people but due to their luck or hard-work they succeeded in worldly life. Usually a son of a beggar will become a beggar and son of a cleaner will be a cleaner, their conditions may… Read More »

NAQSH Hasool e Doulat

Naqsh e Hasool Doulat, can make you rich. Just fill in the details in the excel file o generate Naqsh/Taweez. Please download  FREE  file below to create Naqsh, Download Naqsh Excel 2010 File and get the details from this Roohani Aloom webpage: http://www.roohanialoom.com/?p=4124

بندش سؤال في علم الجفر حصہ اول

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم الله هم صلی علی محمد وآل محمد‎ بندش سؤال في علم الجفر حصہ اول از قلم سید حسن یاسر کاظمی hasan@ hykaz.com, http:www.hykaz.com, 00-92-345-5937275 Download Example Questions Excel file, compiled by Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Sohail جفر مین سوال قایم کرنا ایک دقیق اور ضروری امر ہے، مجہول سوال کا جواب بھی… Read More »

Calculate Death Numerology

786 Calculate Death Numerology : One of the interesting topics nuder numerology is the calculation of  the year of death or expected age of a person. Although its impossible to calculate exact date and time of death but  rough idea can be obtained. Only and Only God Almighty knows the exact date, time or place… Read More »

Cancer and Numerology

Cancer and Numerology : Ilm e Jafar, Numerology, Ilm e Adaad, Abjad, Astrology and all these sciences are for the betterment of humanity. One of the best uses of these sciences is finding a disease and prescribing cure for it, many books in this regard have also been written. I have yet to see a… Read More »

Weather Forecasting With Ilm e Jafar

Weather forecasting is an important task, for day to day life, planning travels, military operations, exercises, outdoor functions, air travels, safety and more. During my military services in Artillery, I learned that Meteorological or Met units provide services almost everywhere in the World; where artillery units are deployed, one of its duties include weather forecasting.… Read More »

Takseer e Jafar Version 2.0.1 Released

Takseer e Jafar is a tool that provides easy to use options for creating different types of Takseer. Takseer is a process of Ilm e Jafar used in both Akhbar and Asaar. Whether you are creating a Taweez doing a Takhseer or trying to conclude answer from a Mustehsila e Jafar, this tool will help.… Read More »

Pakistan and The Names of PanjTan Pak AS

786 In my recent research I was astonished to find a striking numerical similarity in the Abjad values of The Holy Names of PanjTan Pak AS and Pakistan. Lets have a look on the Abjad numerical values of The Holy Names of PanjTan Pak AS and of Pakistan Name ( AS ) Data ( AS… Read More »

Numerology Vocation: What Job or Business Should I do?

Numerology Vocation : What Job or Business Should I do??? Or is my current job or business suitable for me?   Al-least once in a lifetime, we all ask ourselves this question. The answer clearly lies in the use of Numerology or Astrology to take an intelligent, scientific and proper decision. Although many different approaches can… Read More »