Urdu Wordpad

Urdu Wordpad 0.2.0 Beta
Released: 23-10-2016

Urdu wordpad by KazSoft is a FREEWARE complete Urdu, Arabic and Persian word processing solution for Microsoft Windows. The product is at the moment in its Beta phase, unstable, expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

System Requirements


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Screen Shots:

KazSoft Urdu WordPad Interface 1024x470 Urdu Wordpad

Urdu Wordpad has following options:

  • Insert Ayat or Surahs from Al-Quranic Al Hakeem.
  • Type in Urdu, Arabic, Persian or English
  • Format Text including, bullets, highlights, text color, font and sizes etc.
  • Set Page Margins.
  • Spell Check in Urdu, Arabic, Persian or English.
  • Insert, edit and water mark Images.
  • Insert Table, Horizontal line, Islamic Pharses, Tiled Borders, Date and Time etc.
  • Design Text with unlimited custom options.
  • Convert text to Image.
  • Save as RTF, HTML or text.

Sample Output Text Designer:

Sample Output Editor:

Coming Soon.

Help and Tutorials: