Naqoosh Maker

Naqoosh Maker Version 2.0.0
Released : 27/Oct/2014
Updated : 12/Dec/2014
Updated : 29/June/2016

  KazSoft Naqoosh Maker is a state of the art software to create Naqoosh/Taweez. It can take any Ayat/Text in Arabic, Persian or Urdu Language, calculate Adaad and create Naqsh. Bayoot can also be created using ready-made templates or you can create you own. Lots of features have been incorporated into this application.

Updates 29 Jun 2016:

  • Software updated to version 2.0.0.
  • Option to Display Numbers in Arabic or English Language in Naqsh.
  • Design Naqsh Manually instead of generating.
  • Edit Naqsh values manually or import from Library or Quran e Pak.
  • Import Export of Naqoosh Raftar.
  • Scale Naqsh at design time or Export time.
  • Include Azeemat in Naqsh.
  • Buttons added for increasing/ Decreasing Naqsh font size.
  • Auto Scaling of Font to best fit Bayoot area.
  • Improved Angle calculation for drawing text in Bayoot.
  • Now Naqoosh of very small size can be exported without Bayoot or with Bayoot, including or excluding Azeemat.
  • Simplified Naqsh export.
  • Options to add borders abound Naqsh.
  • Improved text quality of Bayoot.
  • Many New entries in the library.
  • Color Scheme changed from blue to Green.
  • New improved auto scanner for non-Abjad letters.

Updates 12 Dec 2014:

  • Software updated to version 1.1.0
  • Display Numbers in Arabic Language instead of Urdu.
  • Clear Values from Naqsh to Print an empty Naqsh and values may be written at any later stage.
  • Reload Cleared Values from main form.

System Requirements


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Screen Shots

KazSoft Naqoosh Maker Version200 Naqoosh List.fw  1024x554 Naqoosh Maker

Naqoosh Maker has following options:

  • Calculate Jamal of  Arabic/Urdu/Persian Asas using any of 28 Abajad of Jafar or with your own defined Abjad.
  • Create Naqsh or Taweez based on any given Chaal or create your own Raftar/Chaal. Many Chaals and Raftars have been collected from Ramooz Al Jafar of Mr.Kash Al-Barni and Haroof e Sawamat of Mr.Manzoor Ali Samoo. Errors in these Raftars have been corrected .
  • Following Chaals are in Built which will be increased in future:

    • مثلث آبی – علی سموں
    • مثلث آبی – کاش البرنی
    • مثلث آبی معکوس – علی سموں
    • مثلث آتشی – علی سموں
    • مثلث آتشی – کاش البرنی
    • مثلث آتشی معکوس – علی سموں
    • مثلث بادی – علی سموں
    • مثلث بادی – کاش البرنی
    • مثلث بادی معکوس – علی سموں
    • مثلث خاکی – علی سموں
    • مثلث خاکی – کاش البرنی
    • مثلث خاکی معکوس – علی سموں
    • مربع آبی – علی سموں
    • مربع آبی – کاش البرنی
    • مربع آتشی – علی سموں
    • مربع آتشی – کاش البرنی
    • مربع بادی – علی سموں
    • مربع بادی – کاش البرنی
    • مربع خاکی – علی سموں
    • مربع خاکی – کاش البرنی
    • مخمس – کاش البرنی
    • مخمس آبی – علی سموں
    • مخمس آتشی – علی سموں
    • مخمس بادی – علی سموں
    • مخمس خاکی – علی سموں
    • مسدس – کاش البرنی
    • مسبع آبی – علی سموں
    • مسبع آتشی – علی سموں
    • مسبع اصم – کاش البرنی
    • مسبع بادی – علی سموں
    • مسبع خاکی – علی سموں
    • مسبع طبعی – کاش البرنی
    • مثمن – کاش البرنی
    • متع – کاش البرنی
    • متع آبی – علی سموں
    • متع آتشی – علی سموں
    • متع بادی – علی سموں
    • متع خاکی – علی سموں
    • معشر – کاش البرنی
    • احد عشر آتشی – علی سموں
    • احد عشر خاکی – علی سموں
    • یازدھ طبعی – کاش البرنی
    • دوازدھ فرد جلالی – کاش البرنی
  • Design and Save Bayoot as Templates.
  • Automatic Rotation of Corner Bayoot.
  • Fill Bayoot with items from Library.
  • Library Integration for creating Asas.
  • Quran Explorer Plugin.
  • Haroof Analysis Plugin.
  • Misc Astrological Info Plugin.
  • Create Your own Raftar with Naqsh Manager.
  • Create Your Own Abjad with Abjad Manager, More than 50 Abjads already included.
  • Clean Non Abjad letters from an Urdu/Persian/Arabic Statement of Asas.
  • Insert/Remove spaces between haroof.
  • Restrict language typing to specific Haroof-Set
  • Save Naqsh Output as HTML in table format.
  • Save Naqsh Without Bayoot as Image
  • Save Naqsh with Bayoot As Image.
  • Following Image Formats are Supported:
    • GIF
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • TIFF
    • BMP
  • Options to modify all aspects of the generated Naqsh and Bayoot, including the following:
    • Font Size, Style and Color.
    • Background Color.
    • Size of Rows and Columns
    • Toggle Borders visibility of Bayoot Table.
  • Options to navigate between Naqsh Cells based on Raftar.
  • Search Naqsh Cells.
  • Mark Khana Awal, Kasar and Last automatically.
  • Automatically Calculate Kasar, Adad e Tabai and Adaad e Taqseem for a given Raftar/Chaal.
  • Automatically Create Maratab of Naqsh.
  • Create Projects for future use.
  • And Much More …..

Sample Output

System Requirements

Help and Tutorials


The Cost of Naqoosh Maker is 50 USD or Pak Rs.5000 only.