Demon, , and are all that are used in different belief systems to refer to supernatural beings that are believed to have the ability to interact with humans in some way. However, each term has its own specific meaning and cultural context.

Here is a brief overview of each term:


In many belief systems, a demon is a supernatural being that is typically associated with evil or malevolence. are often depicted as being malevolent spirits or entities that can cause harm to humans or possess them.


In Islamic tradition, jinn are supernatural beings made of smokeless fire. They are mentioned in the Qur'an and are believed to have will, just like humans. Some jinn are considered to be good, while others are believed to be malevolent.


A ghost is a supernatural being that is believed to be the spirit of a deceased person that has not yet moved on to the afterlife. In many cultures, ghosts are thought to be able to haunt places or people, and they are often associated with feelings of fear or unease.