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Taskheer Rooh Khud Help

تسخیر روح خود ماخوز – کتاب : ارتکاز توجہ۔ علامہ شاد گیلانی یہ سافٹویر علامہ شاد گیلانی کی کتاب ارتکاز توجہ میں دیے گئے ااپنی خود کی روح کی تم کے بارے میں ہے، سافٹویر کے صفہ اول میں اپنا نام درج کریں اور ، اوکے کا بٹن دبایں۔ تمام حسابی امور بشمول اسم اعظم،… Read More »

Taskheer e Hoyala

Taskheer e Hayola 1.0.0 Released: 2-Feb-2016 Updated: 12-Sep-2017 Taskheer e Hayola is a software that calculates Words ‘الفاظ’ and Mokilaat ‘موکلات’ or Anglic Names for Capturing/Taskheer/تسخیر of ones own Shadow or Hayola ‘ہیولی’, this concept was given by Hazrat Alama Abu Abbas Ahmed Bin Ali Buni ( RA ) in his excellent book Shams Al… Read More »

Symptoms of Demonic Possession

Temperature variation in different body parts. Stiffed thumbs of hands ( During possession ). Feeling pain in legs as soon as one goes to bed. Laziness, dizziness and Lethargy. Aggression and frequent Violent mood Swings. Hearing, Speech and sight impairment. Difficulty in Breathing. Frequent Headaches and migraines. Muscle tension/cramps/tingling/prickle especially in left shoulder, back or… Read More »

The Shadow People

The Shadow People, What They are ? Shadow People Introduction As experienced by millions of people around the globe through centuries, there exists supernatural beings which are invisible or barely visible to naked human eye. These beings are known as “Shadow People” or “Shadow Folk” or “Shadow Persons” or “Jins” and “Ghosts”. This piece of… Read More »


KazSofT was founded in 1999 by Hasan Yasar Kazmi (An award wining IT professional, Software Engineer, Trainer and Occult Scientist), we develop state of the art learning, tools, children software, word processing, sound processing and spiritual & occult software products. Products Takseer e Jafar Takseer e Jafar, is a tool that provides easy to use… Read More »