Taskheer Rooh e Khud

Taskheer Rooh e Khud Version 1.0.0
Released: 19-Sep-2017

Taskheer Rooh Khud [ تسخیر روح خود ] is an Ilm e Jafar software that provides easy to use functions for creating Taweez, Azeemat [ تعویذ و عزیمت] and calculating ISM e Azam [ اسم اعظم ] based on the procedure given by Allama Shad Gilani [ شاد گیلانی ] in his book Irtekaaz e Towajho [ارتکاز توجہ] . This is an excellent simple method that can be used for capturing ones own soul or spirit.

 You only need to input name of Talib (اسم طالب), his/her Mothers Name  (اسم والدھ ) and the software will generate Naqsh/Talasim.

Special Credits

I would like to pay special thanks to Mr.Abdul Qadeer [ Amil, Jafaar and Writer] from Karachi for his guidance and for providing solved example of the amal  in this project.

System Requirements

  • Click here to see System Requirements.
  • Windows 7 SP1 or Above
  • MS .Net Framework 4.6.2 or above
  • Urdu Language Enabled from Control Panel.
  • PakSign Phonetic Urdu Keyboard.


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Screen Shots:

interface.fw  1 1024x647 Taskheer Rooh e Khud

naqsh.fw  1 1024x670 Taskheer Rooh e Khud
bayoot.fw  1 Taskheer Rooh e Khud

Taskheer Rooh e Khud has following options:

  • Calculate ISM e Azam.
  • Generate Azeemat
  • Calculate and make Taweez or Talasim along with Bayoot.
  • Image Export of Taweez.
  • HTML Export of Report.
  • Haroof Equivalent Manager
  • Naqsh o Bayoot Editor.
  • Requires no expert knowledge of Ilm-e-Jafar to create Taweez and anyone can use it.

Help and Tutorials:


The Cost of Taskheer Rooh e Khud is 500 PKR or 5 USD only

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