is the study of or evil spirits, including their origins, powers, and behavior. It is a branch of theology and religious studies, and is often associated with and practices.

Demonology is based on the belief that certain evil spirits or entities exist and can have an impact on the world and on human lives. These entities are often referred to as demons or devils, and are thought to be malevolent and destructive in nature.

Demonologists study the various beliefs and traditions surrounding demons and evil spirits, and may seek to understand their powers, abilities, and motivations. They may also study the various methods and practices used to deal with demons and evil spirits, such as exorcisms and other rituals.

Demonology is often associated with the occult and paranormal, and may be seen as a controversial or taboo subject. However, it is a legitimate field of study within theology and religious studies, and can provide valuable insights into the beliefs and practices surrounding evil spirits and demons.