Ilm e Jafar Haroof Sawamat and Bandish

By | August 17, 2013


Ilm e Jafar not only answers our questions and unveils the mysteries but also gives us the ways to solve problems, cure ailments and much more. In this article we will shed light on Arabic Letters ( Abjad ) without dots to stop people, events and actions.  this is called Bandish.

Only and Only ALLAH [ SWT ] has The Power to Give or Take anything, HE [ SWT ], Guides us towards the right path [ Wasila ]. If you feel headache you will take medicine for it, medicine is just a mean to achieve health, no one but ALLAH can give you shifa. In the same manner Haroof e Sawamat or any thing in the world is just a Wasila, Only and Only ALLAH [ SWT ] has The Authority to Bless you with something you want.

There are 13 Arabic Alphabets without Dots. To elaborate their importance following examples are sufficient:

  • There is no dot in Qalma e Tayeba.
  • There is no dot in The Holy Name of God ALLAH [ SWT ].
  • There is no dot in The Name of Holy Prophet Muhammad [ PBUH ]

Its quite clear that presence and absence of dots do make a huge difference. Scholars of Ilm e Jafar have devised methods to use the power of these letters known as Haroof e Sawamat.

As Haroof e Sawamat are not Natiq ( Without Dots ), these are especially used to stop bad things to happen and to stop people from doing certain things like:

  • Stop an Enemy to act against you ( Only IF you are innocent).
  • Stop a man to give divorce to his wife.
  • Force a man to leave drinking/smoking.. etc.
  • Fore a person to love his husband/wife.
  • Stop pain or bleeding.
  • Remove an unworthy officer from his post.
  • Stop a man to enter a house/city or country.
  • Stop Jinnat from entering your house.
  • Force a person to leave a place/city etc.
  • Stop illicit relations between a male and a female.
  • Force a person to hate someone
  • Remove poverty
  • And anything you can think off….

Please be aware that any Amal or Taweez you do using Ilm Jafar is form Noorani Amaal and will only work if you are on the right side. performing any amal that is for a bad purpose will produce negative results. You will be harmed in some manner, in some cases people loose their minds/health or wealth etc.

To use Haroof Sawamat, one is required to give Zakaat of these Haroof, in a future article we will InshALLAH elaborate upon giving Zakaat as well.

In our next article I will inshALLAH give more details on Haroof Sawamat and Bandish.

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    نرم افزارتون بفرستین ایمیل اگه ممکن

    1. Syed Hasan Yasar Kazmi Post author


      شما می توانید نرم افزار خرید، ببخشید هیچ نسخه آزمایشی وجود دارد در دسترس است.

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        نرم افزار در باب مستحصله حساب قمری تکسیر صوامت
        دارای اشکال من میتونم باهاتون همکاری کنم به شرطی که از نرم افزارهاتون رایگان استفاده کنم
        در باب جفر جامع چون محاسبه جز صفحه سطر خانه نمیکنه پس نفع خاصی نداره

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