In every is treated as a mathematical equation and its believed that every question contains its .

The question can be any form, numeric or alpha-numeric or a of words or a sentence and it can be in any language, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Sihdhi. It deals mainly with Right to Left languages but same rules can be applied to Left to Right Languages like English or French.

Like any other language Jafar is based on Arabic Alphabets called ( Abjad-e-Qamri ), Abjads are 28 in number but hundreds and thousand of variations of these have been invented by researchers and scholars over time. Different Abjads are for different questions, times, situations and treatments. The count for alphabets in one Abjad is 28, and each has been assigned a number like in .

For calculating an answer any question or name can be converted to numbers called ( ) and after the numbers can be transformed back to alphabets to make a meaningful sentence out of it. Jafar is the only mathematical knowledge that reveals its answers in the form of meaningful sentences and in the language in which the question is asked.