Eclipses 2016

By | February 25, 2016


kazsoft eclipse icon Eclipses 2016Following Eclipses will happen in 2016. All amaal related to Haroof e Sawamat and its Zakaat etc. can be performed on the given timings. Please confirm and correct the timings in accordance with your own location.

  1. Total Solar Eclipse on 9-March-2016: This eclipse will begin at 5:10 AM ( PST ), and its maximum point will take place at 6:56 AM, the eclipse will end at 7:54 AM, the total duration of total/maximum eclipse will be 4 mins and 9 secs.
  2. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 23-March-2016: will start at 14:48 Hrs ( PST ), reaches its maximum point at 17:00 Hrs and will end at 18:06 Hrs.
  3. Almost Lunar Eclipse on 18-Aug-2016:will start at 12:33 Hrs ( PST ), reaches its maximum point at 14:25 Hrs and will end at 15:21 Hrs.
  4. Annular Solar Eclipse on 9-Sep-2016: will start at 12:00 Hrs ( PST ), reaches its maximum point at 14:07 and will end at 15:05 hrs.
  5. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 16-Sep-2016:will start at 22:08 Hrs ( PST ), reaches its maximum point at 23:53 Hrs and will remain at max point till 7-Sep-2016 00:04 Hrs and will end at 00:56 Hrs on 17-Sep-2016.

Please Note: Offering Namaz e Kasoof o Khasoof and giving Sadqaat will ensure that you remain out of ill effects caused by eclipses.

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