is gaining popularity throughout the world, although Modern has still not recognized this field but more and more cases of possession, hauntings and sightings are being reported throughout the world. If you want to step-up to investigate the unseen yourself then this article is for you. It focuses upon the minimum equipment required to start Scientific Investigation or hunting in layman .
Hardware Required

  •  Handy Cam / Video Camera Preferably with Night Vision Option.
  • Still Digital Camera of Good Quality and High Resolution.
  • Multiple Camera Stands
  • A Digital Voice/Sound Recorder for EVP
  • InfraRed Laser Temperature Gun.
  • Humidity and Room Temperature Digital thermometer.
  • Stopwatch, Digital clock.
  • EMF Meter to record EMF of the target area/spot or place.
  • Green, Red and Blue Laser Lights.
  • Chargeable Torch, Emergency Lights, candles.
  • Sensitive Motion Sensors for detection of Poltergeist activities.
  • RF Signal Detector.
  • Cell Phones / wireless Sets for communication.

More equipment and high-tech gadgets can be added to your arsenal with the passage of time and experience.


  • PhotoShop or any other Image processing and enhancement software like GIMP ().
  • Adobe Audition or any other audio editing/processing/enhancing software.
  • Adobe Premier or other software of choice for Video Editing.

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