Ilm e Jafar or Ilm  e Jafr or Al-Jafr is an advanced form of Numerology, which existed before the advent of Islam; multiple traditions exist on the origin and history of this sacred knowledge. This article highlights what I believe to be true.

Though the knowledge of Al-Jafr or Ilm Jafar existed before Islam, but it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad [ PBUH&HF ] in a new form and was written  on the skin of a red goat (Jafr means skin) by Imam Ali  Bin Abi Talib [ A.S].

The Prophet [ PBH&HF ]  of Allah [SWT] said “ I [ PBH&HF]  Am The City of Knowledge and Ali [ A.S]  Is Its Gate”.  

jj 150x150 Ilm e Jafar (Jafr)The book of Al-Jafr contains all possible combinations of Arabic Alphabets in a special sequence that reveals  everything, every event, the happenings of the past, present and future, name of every being ever existed or existing or will exist. It contains each and every Holy Book, Names of all Prophets [ PBUT&TF ] of Allah [ SWT ]. It contains the laws or halal and haram and it’s said that it contains the Weapons of the Prophet [PBUH&HF] as well. I believe that The Book of Al-Jafr is with Imam Al-Madhi  [ A.S ] at the moment.

The book is a chipper and only those can read; whom Allah [ SWT ] Wills. The part of this knowledge was made public by one of the students of Imam Jaffar As-Sadiq[ A.S ]. The Sixth Imam after Prophet [ PBUH&HF ] by the permission of Imam [ A.S ].

The Book of Al-Jafr is also known as “Jafr e Jamay” or “Loh e Mehfooz”. The Book contains a series of words in 4 character combinations and has 786 chapters.

Jafr has two branches with many sub branches

  • Ilm ul Akhbar :  The knowledge of News and Perditions
  • Ilm ul Asaar : The knowledge of effecting things, curing ailments and treatments etc.

Each branch has many sub branches. Hundreds of books have been written till date, and those contain only a fraction of this vast and sacred knowledge.

This knowledge is from The Prophet [PBUH&HF] of God and a part of it reached us through the true Imams [A.S] from His [PBUH&HF] Family [A.S].

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