Haroof Equivalent Manager


Haroof Equivalent Manager
Version 1.0.0

Haroof Equivalent Manager is a component included in almost all of the KazSoft Desktop Ilm e Jafar software. This provides the functionality for automatic replacement of Non Abjad letters with Abjad letters or their deletion them at runtime. This is necessary for proper and error-less Ilm e Jafar calculations.

Screen Shots:

Interface Haroof Equivalent Manager


  • Input character or haroof replacements and save them to a file.
  • Replace Non Abjad Haroof with equivalent Abjad Haroof at runtime.
  • Delete Non Abjad Haroof at runtime.
  • Ask the user to input equivalents at runtime
  • Edit or update equivalent haroof.
  • Search for present haroof.
  • Refresh/reload the values.