sciences can be used with a good amount of accuracy to investigate /terrorism etc. and it can be a good in the hands of agencies. I must say that this is the need of time as huge sums of money, time, and efforts are being invested internationally and nationally for investigations a, but proper and methodical use of occult can surely help to reduce the crime rate, apprehend terrorists locate abducted persons etc.

Below are some of the possible applications of occult science in criminal investigation and anti-terrorism.


  1. Verifying truthfulness of statements and witnesses.
  2. Verifying loyalties of employees for businesses, Armed forces, Countries.
  3. Finding clues to murder, robbery and other crimes.
  4. Finding directions/clues about a place, person or event.
  5. Locating missing persons, items, dead bodies, spies, criminals and terrorists etc.
  6. Determining time/location of a crime or of a future crime, attack or terrorism.
  7. Determining if a person is/was dead or alive at a given time.
  8. Determining cause of death or murder.
  9. Profiling criminals and soft targets.
  10. All related questions and scenarios


The methodology for solving a case is proposed below, this is what I follow and have solved many cases in the last 26 years.

KazSoft_crime investigation with occult science

  1. Data Collection.

    1. Document statements.
    2. Collect data related to persons in statements that may include.
      1. Complete names of all related persons.
      2. Names of Places and timing of events (day, date, time, place etc.).
  • Date, place and time of births of all related persons (If possible).
  1. Names of Parents of all related persons.
  1. Data Analysis.

    1. Study the statement and scenario and make meaningful questions.
    2. Find missing links and create questions out of it.
      1. Verify truthfulness of each statement with multiple methods.
      2. Verify the integrity of each person in the statement.
      3. Create more questions if required.
      4. Calculate each and document the . Multiple methods should be used to confirm the result.
  2. Deductions and Conclusion.

    1. Join the from step 3 to conclude the final result.
    2. Now calculate again to verify the final result, multiple methods may be employed for the final verification.

Occult Sciences for Investigation

There are many branches of occult sciences, some a very accurate (up-to 95%) and some are less all can be utilized, the most accurate is Ilm-e-Jafar then comes , and Geomancy etc. When so ever a case has to be solved Ilm-e-Jafar should be the first choice to be utilized for calculating answers to the questions, verification of each answer can then be done using Astrology and Geomancy etc. If remote vision, astral projection, 3rd Eye etc. are combined with calculative methods then extremely accurate results can be produced.

KazSoft has developed programs which can definitely help in crime investigations:

  1. Mustehsila Mushaf e Abu Talbi AS
  2. Mustehsila Workbench

in the next article i will be highlighting upon more specific and practical aspects of locating people and objects.