Scanning For Shadow People

The Shadow people are usually not visible to a naked eye and there is no in fun in trying to see them. The problem is that even if we dont want to see these creatures they one way or the other enter our lives and homes and offices. If you believe that you are a victim, then follow the procedure i derived after a lot of experimentation
This is the same methodology used during night navigation to observe stars, called Scanning, means using off-centered vision to scan the area. The method is as follows:


Watching Shadow People 300x226 How to See Shadow People

  • Keep the lights low in your room.
  • Divide the area in front of you in four segments. ( Left, Right, Top, Bottom )
  • choose any point in the middle of your selected area of observation.
  • Focus your eyes on the selected point.
  • But observe the sides of your eyes, you have to look indirectly into the selected area.
  • Observe slight changes in the patterns, lights, shades, particles… etc.
  • Soon you will start watching them, those out of us with better pattern recognition Capabilities will get better results
  • If you observe a change in patterns, instantly take a shot of it with a good digital camera.
  • Study the image in detail and watch for orbs, shadows, particles, smoke, red dots etc. You can use Adobe PhotoShop or some other software to apply filters, change brightness and contrast to enhance the image.
  • Also experiment with Red, Green, Blue¬†colored lights ( 0 Watt-24 Watt bulbs) or candle light in the room, sometimes you get better results with different lights.

Please Share your observation and experiments with all of us.


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