is a form of that originated in the Middle East. It is based on the belief that every object has a unique vibration and energy, and that this energy can be used to reveal hidden knowledge and information.

In Ilm e Jafar, a diviner uses numbers and letters to interpret the vibrations and energies of an object. This is typically done by assigning a to each letter of the , and then using those numbers to calculate the vibrations of the object. The diviner will then interpret the meaning of the numbers and use them to provide guidance and advice to the person seeking divination.

Ilm e Jafar is often used to specific questions or provide guidance on important decisions. It is considered a highly precise and accurate form of divination and is often used in conjunction with other divination methods such as or .


Ilm e Jafar is a complex and ancient practice and requires a deep understanding of and the meanings of different numbers. It is typically practiced by trained diviners who have studied the art of Ilm e Jafar for many years.