The Frank's Box, also known as the Box or the Ovilus, is a device that is used in investigations to communicate with spirits or ghosts. It is a handheld device that is designed to scan the radio spectrum and convert the sounds it picks up into spoken words or phrases.

The theory behind the Frank's Box is that spirits or ghosts can manipulate the radio waves to communicate with the living. The device is thought to allow the spirits to speak through the random words and phrases that it generates.

The Frank's Box was invented by Frank Sumption, a paranormal investigator, in 2002. It has been used in a of paranormal investigations and has gained a following among some paranormal enthusiasts.

However, the effectiveness of the Frank's Box as a for communicating with spirits or ghosts is highly disputed. Many scientists and skeptics argue that the device is based on and that the words and phrases it generates are simply random noise that is not meaningful or related to any spirit communication.

Frank's Box remains a popular tool among some paranormal investigators and enthusiasts, and it continues to be used in paranormal investigations.

How to use Ghost Box

To use the Ghost Box, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the device and select the desired settings, such as the or the scanning frequency.

  • Hold the Ghost Box in your hand or place it on a flat surface.

  • Begin speaking to the spirits or ghosts that you hope to communicate with. You can ask them questions or simply state your intention to communicate.

  • Listen for any words or phrases that are generated by the Ghost Box. Some people believe that these words or phrases may be responses from the spirits or ghosts.

  • Continue speaking to the spirits or ghosts and listening for any responses. You may want to record the session so that you can review the words and phrases generated by the Ghost Box later.